Chronological History

The following excerpt is from “Memoirs of the Wauwatosa Woman’s Club” published 1944.

“Our club offers opportunities for service, for culture, for inspiration. Every member may find here a way of life and a challenge to the highest development. Our lovely Georgian Club House is not only built of steel, stone, bricks and mortar. It is built from the dreams of its founders, the faith of its leaders and the labor of its members. It offers to all who come to serve windows that look out on the heights of ever widening horizons. May the sun never set on it’ s ambitions, its activities and its usefulness.”

plaque-national-registry1894 The Woman’ s Club was founded in September of 1894 by a group of 22 women meeting at the home of Mrs. Alonzo Kellogg on Church Street. They declared the purpose of the Club to be for:

“the social and intellectual development of women through a free interchange of thought, by a course of careful study, essays and discussion.”

1915 Emerson Hoyt offered this parcel of land to the women if they could raise $10,000 to build the Club House in two years. This was extended as World War I occurred during this time.

plaque-state-registry1925 In March of 1925 the building was dedicated to use for the betterment of the Community. Included in the building is a historic museum used as a repository for documents and articles of local and historic interest as requested by Mr. Hoyt.

1998 The Clubhouse resides proudly on Wauwatosa Avenue and in 1998 was listed on the National Register of Historic Places, also listed on the State of Wisconsin Register of Historic Places as well as becoming a Milwaukee County Landmark.

plaque-landmark1999 The building restoration and decorating were completed.

2000 This year the Wauwatosa Preservation Committee designated our Georgian Clubhouse as a City of Wauwatosa Landmark.

2005 The club has installed central air conditioning.

2007-2008 The club has an addition built complete with an elevator, and updates the ladies bathroom with handicap stall. The club is now fully handicapped accessible. An outdoor patio is also added.

2011 A new heating system is installed, and the Bride’s room and new office are remodeled.

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